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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Here's what's happening in our creative space, the Sail Loft, above the NaviStitch shop on Manningtree High Street over the coming weeks...

In the Sail Loft...

It's the last week of Anne Plummer's magnificent marine exhibition. Her work is truly stunning and is full of movement and passion. If you've seen Anne's work before, it's still worth a visit as she's exhibiting work that's not been seen previously. An old friend of NaviStitch and the Sail Loft, Anne's exhibitions are always popular. She's had a fabulous first week - let's make her second week spectacular!

And then...

Next week, from 6th-9th September we're joined by local artist @DuffyTomei. Duffy's with us until Saturday 9th September and brings a beautiful selection of oil and acrylic works which largely focus on nature. If you like statement art that evokes real feeling, come along and see Duffy's work. In her own words: "I love to paint on large canvases using knife and oil, or acrylic, implementing strong gestures to create powerful, stormy, moving images, but, just like nature, there are times to create delicate watercolours dancing on smaller canvases and this is when the watercolour flowers appear. "

We're hosting 2 further exhibitions this month in the Sail Loft:

First, from 13th-16th we've got a first-time visitor to the Sail Loft, Gina Sandford-Nash. Gina's quilts are both functional as well as being pieces of art in themselves.

Then, from 20th to 23rd, Anne Plummer is back with her maritime art but this time she's joined by Mae Kandoo and her recycled, reclaimed and vintage stitched art.

To end the month...
Poster advertising Anne Plummer's art exhibition

Finally this month, we're having a sale, from 27th to 30th, to reduce the stock of some of our A6 greeting cards. We've found a much more sustainable way of printing our cards and so we're giving you the chance to stock up on some of our cards at a reduced price!

Keep an eye on our calendar for all events in our NaviStitch shop and the Sail Loft

New product news...

I've created two new ranges of greeting cards - both available from the NaviStitch online shop and from my Etsy shop:

First up is a new range that are all sewing/stitch-related: 'The Hoop Group!' Depicting embroidery hoops with occasion and greeting messages, some are a little tongue-in-cheek and will need to be confined to the Rude Box!

The second range is my 'Ducking Good Collection!' Featuring a range of tongue-in cheek messages, my wedding range comes in 4 different versions: gender neutral, male/female, female/female and male/male. There's something for everyone in this new collection!

In other news...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Back before the NaviStitch shop existed (seems like years ago!), I used to do lots of events - indoors, outdoors, all over the area. This was one of my favourites - Art on the Prom - and I'm going be a part of this fabulous event on Sunday. Come on down to Felixstowe if you get a chance - there are all kinds of artists and makers exhibiting their work along the promenade and it's going to be a great day. As if you need another excuse to visit this beautiful coastal town!

And finally...

As always, you can find us working on commissions both in the shop and when we're closed - here are three new pieces I've enjoyed working on recently:

Wilfred the cat lives in Wivenhoe and was gifted to his mum and dad as a wedding gift in a Pegu frame.

The second two pieces were commissioned by a couple for their new home in Manningtree. Each location is the home town for one half of the couple. The Whitburn piece shows a mine wheel and ship as nods to the industry in that area and the Gorleston piece shows a Traditional Lowestoft Fishing Trawler.

If you fancy commissioning a piece of bespoke artwork as a memento for someone on a special occasion, take a look at how simple it is. A completely bespoke piece of nautical stitched art, can evoke all kinds of fantastically nautical memories.

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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