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We have now confirmed our exhibitors for the Spring exhibition. Wow do we have an amazing show to share with you! We have 50 talented artists joining us. Subject matters ranging from abstract, landscape, floral, coastal, birds, local views and much more. Mediums include Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Digital, Photography, Textile, Lino prints, collage, glass, ceramics and mixed media. 

Our confirmed artists are - Ali Hollingsworth, Alice Nicholls, Alison Adcock, Amanda Clement-Robinson, Andrea Gould, Andrew Clarke, Anne Plummer, Annie Lennon, Beverley Griggs, Carol Hardes, Caroline Burgess, Caroline Rhys-Lewis, Charlotte Upton, Claire Scargill, Debbie Ayles, Duffy Tomei, Fenella Miller, Hannah Tooke, Hazel Theobald, Holly Robertson Connell, Jane Watson, Jayson Fletcher, Jem Gooding, Josephine Clavier, Joy Wilson, Kay Parker, Klair Bauly, Laura French, Laura Harvey, Lee Thomas, Liesel Kennedy, Lisa Goddard, Lynda Woodley, Madeleine Tapp, Marion Lishman, Matt Keeling, Megan Rose Neko, Melanie Doran, Nicola Osborne, Peta Hillier, Peter Porteous-Butler, Sara West, Sarah Barnard, Sarah Parsons, Sarah-Jane Lane, Sheldon Chase, Sue Bedford, Sue Bennett, Tina Bullen

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