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What's On and Coming Up

Here's what's happening in our creative space, the Sail Loft, the NaviStitch shop, and on Manningtree High Street over the coming weeks...

In the Sail Loft...

As we say goodbye to two of our fabulous female artists from the Exhibition of 4 Halves, Tina Bullen and Pauline Wilson, we look forward to welcoming NaviStitch and Sail Loft old friend Amanda Clement-Robinson for a solo exhibition on Tuesday for 2 weeks (28th May -8th June).

In her own words: "By combining vintage music scores, old cigarette cards and textiles of botanical drawings, I have created a series of botanical studies with a contemporary twist."

🎨 Alison Adcock Art and her 'Two Stops Short of Dagenham' display, and Anne Plummer Painter, with her Maritime Paintings and Mono Prints remain with us, collaborating in our second Sail Loft Gallery room until 8th June

Next up....
Samples of Alison Adcock's work to advertiser her exhibition

Our Affordable Art Show takes place in the Sail Loft Gallery from 11th to 29th June. Add something unique to your collection for less than £100!

Plus, from 11th to 15th June we'll also be hosting the Manningtree has Pride Art Auction. All money raised from the event will go to: Colchester Kings RFC, Hic Sumus Choir and The Out House

In its second year, the main Manningtree has Pride event takes place over 12 locations in the town on 15th June from 12noon-6pm. There will be food, drink, art, music, drag, lectures, a raffle, beach activities and lots more!

Be sure to put it in your calendar - it's a great family day promoting awareness, education and celebration.

In the NaviStitch Shop...

On the days that we closed, it doesn't mean we always drop anchor and lay on the deck (although sometimes we do just that!) I've had a little bit of a rearrange of cards in the shop, and now have a spinner that's arranged by occasions. That should make it much easier to find the card you need for the occasion that you need it for.

Shipshape is how I like the NaviStitch shop!

Also in the NaviStitch shop, we've taken delivery of these fabulous leaflets for our Art Around the Walls event on 6/7 July - you'll also find them in all of the 16 venues hosting the 28+ artists taking part around Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley. Thanks to Wood for Stone for sponsoring the printing.

Get it in your diary, pick up a leaflet, and follow our event-specific Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can learn all about the artists and venues taking part.

In Manningtree...

We're delighted that another fantastic, independent business has joined our High Street:

Manningtree Vintage Vibes has its grand opening this Saturday from 12noon-7pm ... best of luck and a huge welcome to the best little creative town in the land!

On Sunday, Manningtree's newest venue, The Yard, will be hosting its debut event with live music and a bar on site from 12noon to 6pm and entry is free. Organised by our friends Winyl, their shop will be open on South Street 12:00-5:00 p.m, and local cafes and restaurants will be too.

Also, on Friday 31st May, our monthly makers market takes place in Market Square from 9am-2pm... as if you needed yet another reason to visit!

Can you help?

It's that time of year again when I ask for your help!

The Tendring4Growth business awards are asking for nominations and I wondered whether I could ask for your support, if you feel that it's deserved! Categories that I believe I could qualify for would be 'Creativity & Culture' and possibly 'Community Impact' (but am happy if you feel that you'd prefer to nominate me for others!).

Some of the things that I'm involved in, which steer me towards these categories are:

* Creating and organising Art Around the Walls Event (Manningtree Art Trail)

* Coordinating Manningtree Events flyer

* Christmas Card Competition - raising funds for the Rotary Club to donate to local charities

* Hosting the Pride Auction - again, raising funds for local charities

* Sail Loft Gallery - providing a supportive space for artists and makers to exhibit with me.

My email address is

Thanks so much in advance - here's where you can nominate (closing date is 30th June)

And finally...

We're heading for another bank holiday! If you're sailing around, or spending time on the coast; if you're making memories and would like to celebrate them, think about commissioning a piece of nautical stitched art.

Great for your own memories, fabulous as gifts for any occasion, take a look at how easy it is to order your own unique piece created from maritime charts, both new and old - many of them fairly local. Always ask if you're looking for somewhere special - I've a huge collection.

Now that we can also take orders for bespoke framing in-store, the whole thing's as easy

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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