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What's on and coming up...

Here's what's happening in our creative space, the Sail Loft, above the NaviStitch shop on Manningtree High Street over the coming weeks...

In the Sail Loft...
A graphic of the year 2024 with lots of nautical and art images within and the words 'Happy New Year' above

From 23rd January to 10th February we're really looking forward to hosting our second Pre-Loved Art Sale!

🎨 Buyers - find something unusual, rare, or bag yourself a bargain

🖼️ Sellers - find new homes for art that you no longer love, or have space for. Original art or numbered edition prints only - and you get to set your own price!

Start looking in your loft or searching your sideboards for unwanted art and get ready to deliver them to the NaviStitch shop this Saturday, 20th January. More details here.

Graphic of a person looking through a magnifying glass, looking for pre-loved art

With just two days to go until you can submit your pre-loved art into our sale, we hope you're searching every nook and cranny to find work that's been hidden away, no longer welcome on your walls!

Don't forget, work must be of a quality that's ready to hang and it must be original or numbered edition art.

Here's a great story from our Pre-Loved Art Sale last year:

J Brotherton painting of a pond in a town in a vintage style

A piece of work was brought in and I recognised the artist to be J Brotherton (aka MATTRéSS) dated 1980. The style is very different to his current work, which we've had exhibited in our Sail Loft. I contacted Taz of TazzyBro Photography to check if the piece was his Dad's work, which indeed it is. Taz was over the moon as he had only ever seen photographs of his Dad's work from that period. The piece was immediately sold to a delighted Taz and was reunited with the original artist's family!

Who knows what tales will be told from this year's sale?!

In the NaviStitch shop...

We're delighted to be open again from Saturday this week (20th) - we'll be ready to accept your pre-loved art and to share all the delights of our wonderful shop with you. Don't forget that we're now open on Tuesdays 10am-4pm every week too!

Photograph of Demelza, new NaviStitch team member

We've also got our new team member, Demelza, joining us from this Tuesday. It'll be great to have her working with us to ensure that we're able to develop new ideas and bring some new things that we've got in mind to fruition this year.

We look forward to seeing you in the NaviStitch shop as soon as you're able - whether it's to meet Demelza, see new nautical stitched art that I've been working on or to bag yourself some pre-loved art in our sale.

And finally...

Keep abreast of everything happening in our Sail Loft, in the NaviStitch Shop, and Manningtree High Street by following us on social media - we've got lots of new and different exhibitions this year, as well as old friends joining us again with new shows.

If you're an artist or maker and are interested in hiring the Sail Loft for an exhibition, workshop or pop-up event, take a look at details of our space and how to book. 

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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