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NaviStitch and Sail Loft News

Here's what's happening in our creative space, the Sail Loft, above the NaviStitch shop on Manningtree High Street over the coming weeks...

In the Sail Loft...

This week, until Saturday, we've got the super-talented Gina Sandford-Nash and her Exhibition of Quilts with us. Gina's joining us most days too so you can ask her questions about her incredible work. All of Gina’s quilts are made in the time-honoured fashion of stitching or tying 2 or 3 layers of fabric together with decorative patterns - the top can be either whole cloth or patchwork - they really are a spectacle. Gina’s quilts are both artwork and functional - they can be used around the home on beds, over furniture or on walls.

And then...

Mr NaviStitch and I are on holiday next week and so we've left the NaviStitch shop and Sail Loft in the extremely capable hands of maritime artist Anne Plummer, and textile artist Vik Walsh of Mae Kandoo.

They're exhibiting some of their own work upstairs too and so you'll have the added bonus of seeing their artwork and also talking to the artist about it.

Anne and Vik are here from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd September.

Next up...

From 27th September for a week we're having a greeting card sale. We're now beginning to produce our own NaviStitch-brand cards in a much more economical and sustainable way - and moving away from cellophane wrapping - our new ranges, the Ducking Good Collection and the Hoop Group cards are produced that way. To celebrate this, and to free up some space in the shop, we're reducing the price of our existing A6 greeting cards with some seriously special deals so it'll be a great time to stock up! Did you know, for 50p extra per card, you can also choose to have envelopes created from nautical charts?

And then it's October...
Poster advertising Anne Plummer's art exhibition

We're excited to have an exhibition from Coco & Stitch in the Sail Loft from 4th-7th October. You may have seen her work in our Spring exhibition, but we're excited to have this incredible hand-sewn embroidery and quilt art on display for a week upstairs. Mel's bringing some abstract hangings and landscape pieces and, having recently been looking into the Japanese art of Sashiko - using up fabric from various places - she's hoping t have some visible mending kits and children's embroidery kits available during her exhibition. If you get a chance to come in and see this beautiful work, it'd also be an idea to think about a Christmas commission! Mel's Daughter Tara will also have some of her digital art prints for sale too.

Sail Loft Bookings...

We're beginning to look ahead to 2024 and our Sail Loft exhibition space. We’re already starting to take bookings for both rooms for exhibitions next year but still have space available for local artists who would like to share their work. If you're an artist or maker and are local to Manningtree, take look at the weeks we’ve got available here and, if you fancy putting on a solo or collaborative exhibition next year, see how easy it is to do.

If you want to collaborate but are unsure who with, we can help introduce you to other artists who may want to share a space. We also have plenty of display materials to help with your exhibition.

It's Christmas!

Well, it isn't right now but we're planning for our Christmas pop-up at the moment. Last year we had so many wonderful gift ideas and we want to offer the same, or even better this year! If you’re an artist or maker with products that are suitable as Christmas gifts, why not take a look at what’s involved from November through to December:

In other news...

For those of you that haven’t visited the NaviStitch shop on Manningtree High Street yet, here’s a short tour of the building. I’m conscious that I’ve shown you lots of pictures of the Sail Loft space upstairs, but not necessarily the shop itself. Here’s a short video showing all of the giftware, cards and fabulousness that we manage to pack in. Hope to see you soon! If you can’t make it in to the shop, take a look at my online shop where you’ll find greeting cards and my own nautical stitched artwork.

And finally...

Talking of Christmas, it's never too early to plan ahead. If you're thinking about something bespoke and personal for someone special this year, why not talk to me about a piece of nautical stitched art to help with a special memory or place? If you fancy commissioning a piece of tailored artwork for Christmas, or for a special occasion, take a look at how easy it is.

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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