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Filling the Sail Loft and Wrapping Up Nicely!

We are over the moon that our exhibition, workshop and pop-up space here on Manningtree High Street is filling up with exciting new creative happenings. Lots of collaborative events and solo shows - there's such a variety too!

Anne Plummer/Jo Spaul

This week we've got Anne Plummer's 'Boats and Barges' exhibition, also featuring Jo Spaul's Beaches; an opportunity to view both artists' work until Saturday.

David Downes

Exploring Memories - three approaches

Don't miss out on any of our events in the Sail Loft - keep an eye on our calendar here


In exciting shop news, we've got two new ranges of cards in stock, and we've also got wrapping paper, all just in time for Mothers' Day (27th March - get prepared). Take a look at the cards - we think there's something there for everyone, and for every occasion and, alongside my own range of cards, they help us to cater for the occasions, the fun, the puns (and the downright hilarious!) I have a few more deliveries due too, so lots more variety.

It's a first for us but, as a shop that's suited to gift buying, wrapping paper's an essential we think. When all of our new wrapping paper's in stock, you'll have quite a range to choose from. Here's the wrapping paper that we've got in stock now - i

And here's a sneak peak of what's to come:


With just 5 weeks to Easter, I thought I'd give you a little heads-up on what's happening over the holiday weekend. It goes without saying that on the Sunday and Monday we'll be eating chocolate that we've hidden from ourselves (!), but we'll be open on Good Friday as usual. There is an Easter art exhibition in the local Methodist church which I will take part in, - we also have our Exploring Memories exhibition in the Sail Loft. If you've not visited Manningtree for a while (or ever!), there are lots of arty reasons to give it a go!


And finally, I thought I'd leave you with some commissions that I've been working on recently:

The first one, unusually, is a 4-aperture piece in an SS Pegu frame. Each of the 4 locations has a special meaning for the new owner and each stitched image is relevant to the location, all on the beautiful Welsh coast.

The second piece was created for a lady that has Swan in her house name. Her home was a tiny bit further inland than my navigation charts go, so this was stitched on an Ordinance Survey map. It also has a fine silver thread running through the stitching so that the swan will shimmer at certain angles. Finally, the last one is stitched onto an OS map to cover all the locations required. DAM beer (no we are not swearing!) stands for Dedham, Ardleigh and Manningtree and has been gifted to a local brewer.

We feel very proud that our NaviStitch shop on Manningtree High Street has become more popular that we could have dared to imagine. Thanks to all of you that visit and to the artists and makers that choose our Sail Loft as their exhibition and work space. Manningtree is certainly on the map when it comes to art, gifts, artisan makers - next time you're in the area, stop and take a look. For those of you that are just too far away, everything that was online previously is still online now - it's just that I get to work on your artwork and commissions in a beautiful little shop!

As always, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing until the next time


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