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As we set sail for another new month...

Beautiful horizon pic 'Sunset' by artist Kay Lucas

... there are lots of exciting things on the horizon: lots of new exhibitions, new work, new stock in the NaviStitch shop and new workshops for you to learn the ropes of a new skill - we've even got an exclusive book signing. Read on for all of the latest news:


Coming up on Saturday we've got Anne Plummer teaching art lessons upstairs in the Sail Loft - due a last minute cancellation the afternoon session is available, Anne's always happy to arrange one-to-one or lessons for groups of up to 4 people to suit your. Contact her to book: 07771 860040 or email:

The following two weekends see workshops both very different:

The first one is a free Get off Auto class with photographer Mike Klencher on 5th March. Funded by the Coastal Communities Fund, it's designed to use your DSLR camera to a fuller extent, this one is fully booked, did you get a space? The second is a 'learn to draw with your sewing machine' workshop - Free Motion Embroidery. Take home a cushion that you've created on 12th March from 10:30am to 4pm (Mothers' Days just 4 weeks away - just saying!). Book your place here

We're really excited to initially announce new workshops coming up in June with two fantastic local artists:

Hannah Tooke, incredible collage artist, will take you for a walk along the River Stour Manningtree Witches Trail and then you'll head back here to create a series of collages. A fun packed day on Wednesday 1st June - this one is fully booked already, you have to be quick!

Madeleine Tapp is bringing a series of workshops to the Sail Loft from 8th-18th June - more details on how to book coming soon (keep an eye out on social media or watch for our next newsletter). Madeleine is a talented artist developing fabric prints from her amazing paintings emphasising colour and texture, atmosphere and colour in her work. We can 't wait for you to meet her.



We're looking forward to welcoming Anne Plummer back from 9th to 12th March with her Barges and Boats exhibition. Later on in the month we've got local artist David Downes here for 2 weeks from 30th March to 9th April. David is a local landscape painter who "amplifies the sense of place and time through the lens of autism" (from his own website). Read more about David here and visit the the exhibition if you can - it will feature local scenes.

Coming up in April, May and June, we've got exhibitions from incredible artists: Carla Watkins, Christine Gallant and Chrissie Richards; we've got Sheila Martin, Olivia English and Madeleine Tapp - more on those events next time. We're incredibly lucky to have so much talent just upstairs in our incredible shop on Manningtree High Street. Although we've only been open just a few short months, it's been amazing to have filled our Sail Loft with such creativity, and it's only getting busier. To see all events throughout the year, keep an eye on our Sail Loft Calendar.

If you'd like to find out about hiring our upstairs rooms for an exhibition, a workshop or a pop-up event, take a look here at all that we have to offer.


Exclusive Event

We're very lucky to have been chosen as a venue for a book signing on 8th May, meet-the-author-and-illustrator event and an exhibition of some of the original drawings for a great children's book 'Never Alone'. Written by Carrie Knight and Illustrated by Lily Steel, the book has been endorsed by Great Ormond Street children's hospital and all profits go to the charity. The book is about Geoffrey Giraffe who feels an emptiness in his heart and goes on a search for happiness. Who would not want to read something so heart-warmingly wonderful - and support a great charity to boot?! Read more about the author here


And Finally...

News from NaviStitch:

These last couple of weeks haven't been totally plain sailing: battening down the hatches through the storms was unnerving to say the least. We hope you were all safe and that your boat wasn't rocked too vigorously.

I've completed some new work that's now available. Having stitched lots of boats recently, I decided to mix it up and create images that depicted the area whose charts I was stitching: A cockle shell for Leigh-on-sea, a crab for Cromer, a Seal on Blakeney and a seahorse out to sea - it's never just about the boats: I'm nautically wide open to suggestions if you fancy commissioning something different (second reminder that Mothers' Day's only 4 weeks away!)

Mr Navistitch and I visited a huge trade show on Sunday. I'm excited to show you new greeting cards and wrapping paper that we sourced in the next edition.

In the meantime, here's something new that we're offering in our NaviStitch shop: Map Mugs - using coastal charts and Ordnance Survey maps, we're now able to produce something that's both affordable and memorable - either as a gift, or for your own cuppa. They're created by us in house and each one comes in a box with a label explaining exactly which area your mug covers.

Talking of cuppas, I'm off to make one for myself right now. As always, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing until the next time


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Unknown member
Feb 24, 2022

The mugs are just great - which map will you choose on yours?

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