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We're back, rested and raring to go!

We're back from our 'Christmas' break (or the one we didn't have during the festive season!), and it was fabulous. Now we're excited to be back and to send you this punchy email reminding you about what's coming up. First things first...

Next up...

From 25th January to 11th February we're hosting a Pre-loved Art Sale - a chance for you to either buy or sell pieces of artwork.

If you're a buyer, this is your chance to find something unusual, something rare or to bag yourself a bargain! Get the dates in your diary and don't miss out.

Here's how it works:

If you've got an original, or numbered, limited edition piece of art (in fact, up to 5 pieces), and you no longer have room for it, have fallen out of love with it, or just wish to pass it on, you can submit it/them to us to be included in our sale. Register your pieces here and, once accepted, you bring them in this Saturday 21st for us to display.

And then...

We're delighted to have the amazing Anne Plummer holding an exhibition in our creative space straight after our pre-loved sale. Anne is a local artist whose work is very much influenced by the coast - her paintings are usually marine focussed. Her work with painting marbles is incredibly photo-realistic and she's bringing an exhibition of this work to us from 15th to 18th February - it truly does need to be seen to be believed.


For the final week in February and then from March to October we're excited to offer our Sail Loft to you if you're an artist, or a maker, or if you have an idea for a pop-up event. Take a look at our Sail Loft calendar for dates that we have free and then get in touch with any ideas that you may have.

We have two rooms and lots of display equipment; you can man the exhibition yourself, or we can do that for you. We're really keen to encourage first-time exhibitors and students to get involved and, if you'd like to be a part of a collaborative / joint exhibition, we can put you in touch with other artists too. Take a look at the way it works here and and get in touch if you'd like to chat about ideas.

In other NaviStitch news...

Now that I'm back, and here to stay, I'm really looking forward to getting to work on more nautical stitched art, and greeting cards for the NaviStitch shop and for my various stockists around the country and further afield. If you're a coastal retailer or a gift shop selling nautical themed wares, I'd love to chat to you about stocking some of my work - we've partnered with Faire for wholesale orders and, if you join today, you can get £100 off and 1 year of free shipping.

I'm also excited to start on pieces of art that people have commissioned, and I've room for more! If you want to give someone a personalised gift, why not consider a piece of nautical stitched art? For anyone with a nautical bent, with coastal memories, or just a love of the sea, sailing or a place that they hold dear, I can find a chart from my extensive collection and we can take it from there - take a look at how easy it is.

We look forward to seeing old friends and new over the coming weeks. Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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