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Summer Vibes are here...

We're so excited that it's almost time for the opening of our Summer Vibes Exhibition in the Sail Loft upstairs at our NaviStitch shop here in Manningtree. A month-long exhibition, we've carefully curated a whole host of incredible artists for you to see.

In this newsletter edition, we're going to concentrate on our exhibition as it's been such a joy to work with some very talented artists.

Many artists are well established but we're also pleased to be able to support some new and emerging artists - for some this is their first exhibition.

As you'll see from the poster, we're holding a preview evening tomorrow and you're all invited! Join us and have a glass of something delicious - sourced for us by Manningtree neighbour Estuary Wine Bar. You'll be able to meet many of the artists exhibiting with us over over the coming weeks and see what we've been working on over the last few weeks.

Without further Ado...

Here's a short introduction to each of the artists that we're featuring in our exhibition which is open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm from 2nd-30th July:

Abbie Hunns - in her own words: "Hi I’m Abbie! I have always loved taking photographs, especially outdoors. I can’t walk anywhere without stopping a dozen times to photograph the plants, animals and landscapes around me."

Alison Adcock - "I am fascinated by colour relationships; all of my paintings are about exploring how colours work together (or don’t work) and in what proportions. The thrill for me is in the mixing and seeing colours come alive on the palette and working out how they can fit together on the canvas."

Amanda Clement-Robinson - "I like to draw and paint on different surfaces. Texture, detail and colour are key. I'm keen on old maps and vintage music sheets, plus hand made papers, even metal items. All can be used in my work, plus many more too."

Anne Plummer - "Anne sailed to Cornwall for an extended cruise and ended up staying for 12 years, painting around Falmouth. Now in Ipswich Suffolk, she sails the beautiful east coast sketching and painting the traditional barges and smacks that we are so lucky to have still in commission along our coast."

Annie Bielecka - "My work uses highly decorated techniques crossing the boundary between fine and applied art. Carefully crafted textile designs are inspired by sea travels and landscapes from my upbringing in Snowdonia - and life on the banks of the river Colne in Wivenhoe."

Beccie Hatton - "I’ve enjoyed using a wide variety of mediums over the years and discovered my love for textiles and creating repeat patterns in my 20s and went to study Textiles and Surface Design. My favourite techniques include relief printing with Lino and plaster, as well as reverse appliqué; ‘carving’ through layers of fabric to create a print."

Bryan Rowland - "I was born in Harwich in 1946 and trained at Colchester School of Art - I've been painting for over 60 years. My paintings have been sold all over the world and I enjoy painting trips, with artists friends. Painting is my passion, I can find something to paint wherever I go and much prefer working outdoors.

Carla Watkins - "A photographic artist, she lives & works on the north Essex coastline which suits her mermaid heart. From fairytales to witchery & mermaids to boudoir, all laced with imagination and body positivity, she creates pieces of magic you can take home with you in the form of art."

Charlotte Upton - "Originally from Cheshire, moving to Essex helped me to focus on the specific elements that inspire my work. I became drawn to the wide open shores, estuaries and farmland along the coast. The lines and textures created by man and wind, the sounds of shore and grasses. My use of fluid inks, textures and marks combine to explore the rhythms of wind and waves and their effect on the open space of the Essex coast."

Christine Gallant - "Finder of forgotten objects. Teller of hidden tales. Seeker of extraordinary stories. I work from my studio in Essex, which is a wonderland of curiosities, miniature pieces of history and stories in waiting. I bring together forgotten, found, discarded items to evoke memories and emotions, telling their hidden stories in 3D assemblage, collage or paint."

Claire Scargill - "I have lived in Mistley for the last 25 years having moved from West London. I am a priest in the Church of England and work in the parish of the Harwich Peninsular. I used to be a llama breeder and now have two remaining llamas. I am also a cat lover. I used to paint and exhibit with Keen Artists but now belong to a small, informal group."

David Downes "David Downes is a brilliant landscape painter who amplifies the sense of place and time through the lens of autism. His work focuses on the juxtaposition of history and modernity; graveyards lie next to modern offices; ageing churches stand in built up areas and in remote country-sides. He often paints his scenes from an aerial position, imagining the way the landscape would look when viewed from that angle"

Hannah Tooke - "An artist illustrator working with collage, cut paper & mixed media, based in a village just outside of Ipswich, she has backgrounds in Fine Art & the photographic industry. Inspirations are broad but include nature, travels, childhood books & memories, texture & pattern, places & spaces. She is part of Thrive Collective, & runs a monthly collage club ‘Sketchbook & Collage"

Josephine Clavier - "I paint mostly in acrylics but I also love using pastel and watercolour. My paintings are abstract or semi-abstract and are often influenced by the Suffolk coastline with its many estuaries and reed beds, or the shapes and lines of the landscape, but I do not seek to reproduce exactly what I see. I am excited by colours and shapes, using them to create impressions."

Joy Wilson - "I am a contemporary artist based in Suffolk, my inspiration for my work is the landscape and seascape of East Anglia. I regularly walk the countryside taking in the colours and movements in nature. I work in oils which I enjoy blending directly on to paper or canvas and feel my work shows high energy and a fearless approach."

Juliet Lockhart - "I am a mixed media artist. I originally studied Textile Design, have a BA Hons in Fine Art, an MA in Literature and am the artist in residence with The Writers Company. I have been voracious reader since I can remember. These story boxes are inspired by my childhood book collection. I’ve created puppets based on the characters setting them into frames to share the power of those stories that have inspired me over the years"

Kate Griffin - "Kate Griffin is a local artist whose work is inspired by the world around her, from the close-up of everyday to the wide expanses of nature. Kate works with a range of drawing and painting media and is interested in how the world is experienced and viewed differently, expressing this through differing perspectives and techniques. Recently, her work has been influenced by experiences of solitude and isolation resulting from the pandemic."

Lily Steel - "A local children's book illustrator, her most recent work is in the popular children's book "Never Alone", which has reached international fame. This series of drawings are from original set of 24 concept designs depicting the seasons, called the 'flower seasons set', due to be made into card prints later in the year. The summer flowers selected for this project are associated with a message that lily has attributed to the flower illustration. These messages are derived from family sayings, or popular phrases."

Marion Kolthammer - "I am a retired primary school teacher, who has always loved Art. From looking at the beauty of the natural world, through paintings or sculpture in a gallery, to the colourful natural creations made by children, or adults! I love being creative. Currently I am loving the random nature of acrylic pour paintings, which are fun to make and full of bright vivid colours"

Marian Lishman - "I have been working as an artist since 2006 when I was based in Dubai. I produced artwork for individuals, interior designers and hotels. I now work from my studio in Ipswich, experimenting with colours and patterns and creating paintings which I hope will evoke an emotion in the viewer. My work is abstract, often using my favourite blue/green colours and is open to interpretation by the viewer."

Miranda Grayling - "I started painting around 15 years ago whilst living in Denmark to give me an outlet from a demanding career. My love of bright colours stems from living there (white walls, colourful artwork). I work primarily with acrylic, paint pens, rice paper, canvas, wood and MDF. My work is often a collage of prepared paper and rice paper. Art is important to me as an outlet for expression, communication and so much more."

Robin Martinez - "Colectivo Robin Martinez began in the Spring of 2020 as a way of imagining the future. We unlocked some of the creativity that had been laying dormant in our minds, embodied in our selves, but actually starved of expression for far too long – we started to feed the creative scobi. Constantly experimenting with new materials and processes and art forms"

Sheldon Chase - " trained as a Graphic and finished Artist in London, working for Magazines publishers and advertising agencies for 22 years. Now based in Mistley, after living in Spain, I concentrate on producing contemporary, abstract, modern and landscape work, mostly oils and acrylic on canvas. I am always developing my work and love to experiment with new techniques and materials"

Simon Peecock "Simon produces lino prints from a small studio space at his home in Brightlingsea. He is inspired by the world around him particularly the local environment of Northeast Essex, his family, and the natural world. For his multi coloured prints he uses a process known as the reduction technique means that only a limited number of finished prints can be made.

Sylvia Paul - "Working as a professional painter for over forty years she has paintings in collections worldwide and continues to exhibit in galleries and art fairs. Sylvia started creating textile art in 2013 after a gift of kimonos from her Japanese daughter-in-law’s family. She had an exhibition of hangings and textile pictures as part of the Tokamachi Quilt Festival in Japan in 2015 and continues to exhibit widely."

Tina Bullen - "A Colchester-based artist with a broad palate (pun intended), she chooses not to work in one set style, as she finds her inspiration in so many things, such as nature, language and humour. Instead, she chooses to communicate atmospheres and meaning using whatever is appropriate at the time. As a result, her works tend to be representational with an impressionistic and symbolic twist."

Key Dates...

The great thing is that the exhibition's on for the entire month. However, here. are some key dates:

Tomorrow - Friday 2nd July - It's our preview evening - join us and meet many of the artists that are bringing their amazing work to the Sail Loft;

Saturday 3rd July - The official opening day of the Summer Vibes exhibition, but also the Manningtree Antiques and Collectables market - why not head on over for both?

Friday 8th July 1pm to 4pm - Come along and meet Tina Bullen, one of the talented artist exhibiting with us. It's your opportunity to ask any questions and learn more about what inspires her work. Keep an eye on our calendar as we have some other artists firming up dates for 'Meet the Artist' sessions.

More next time...

... But never miss out on any of the events held in our Sail Loft - take a look at our online calendar to see what's happening beyond July and, if you're an artist or maker and are interested in hiring the Sail Loft for your exhibition, workshop or pop-up even, take a look at details of our creative space - there are some vacancies from August to November.

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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