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Don't miss 50 artists in 2 rooms!

It's the last 2 days of our Spring Exhibition - we can't believe it's almost over but we wanted to give you this fabulous reminder in case you have the opportunity to visit us between now and Saturday at 4pm - here's who you'll find (and you'll be hard pushed to find this much talent in 2 rooms any time soon!):

Another great opportunity...

We wanted to remind you that, for the month of May we're making our exhibition space available for Mini exhibitions, and we're keen to welcome new artists or those who haven't exhibited before. Each artist can use half a room for a fortnight. It's a great way to get started, or for those of you who would just like a small exhibition. With up to 4 artists using the combined space our Sail Loft will make for interesting viewing.

Don't miss any of our exhibitions - keep an eye on our calendar for details.

If you're an artist or maker and are interested in hiring the Sail Loft for your exhibition, workshop or pop-up event, take a look at details of our space and how to book. At the moment there is very little space lift this year, so don't delay!

In a change to the advertised...

Ian Longhurst: is joining us next week, but from Thursday and not Wednesday so, from 6th to 15th April, our Sail Loft will be filled with birds! These incredibly detailed paintings will be on display each week from 10am to 4pm (we're open on Good Friday as usual):

Kay Lucas and Pamela Hatswell are holding a joint exhibition from 19th to 29th April and and Pamela will be holding workshops in, not just tatting, but also in beaded jewellery and macrame - so many things to learn. There's plenty of time to book yourself into a morning workshop (first week), or an afternoon workshop (2nd week) - take a look at our calendar for more details

Looking ahead...

We've got so much to look forward to in the coming months - from 31st May to 11th June, we've got Jayson Fletcher in our Sail Loft with his incredible carved fish made from reclaimed materials. Here's a great story that we're sharing on social media this week - it's just too good not to share with you too: Anyone that has visited the NaviStitch shop will have noticed that our counter is made from part of a wooden boat - the boat is Percy II and belonged to a friend of mine before it was repurposed. There was a section of the boat that wasn't used in the shop which we passed on to Jayson to work his magic with. The Sea Bass was created as a gift to Percy II's previous owner and was all Percy II except for the copper details and the eye. The Sea Bass has now been passed on to my friend and he was incredibly touched to receive such a special gift holding so many memories, I know it will be treasured forever. From my own commissions, I know how much a personalised piece of art means - and Percy II continues to live on!

And finally...

I wanted to just let you all know that, whilst we'll shortly be dismantling our Spring Exhibition, we're also busy working on commission pieces for people with happy coastal memories or seaside stories that a piece of nautical stitched art would help to remember. If you're looking for a gift for someone, why not think about a bespoke commission? You tell me about the memory and I'll look through my extensive collection of nautical charts. We'll discuss the image or the craft and the thread colour/s and I'll get to work - take a look.

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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