Stay in Touch packs will only be available until 31.05.20.  

These are challenging times that we are all currently facing with the country in virtual lockdown. As an artist and greetings card publisher, there is little that I can do in the big scheme of things. However, now that we have to physically distance ourselves from family and friends, I can offer a means to stay in touch emotionally, so you can send your thoughts and good wishes to those who maybe feeling lonely and quite literally, isolated in these difficult days ahead, especially if they do not have access to the Internet or technology.

I am offering a very special price on what I am calling my ‘Stay-In-Touch’ packs or SIT packs. These are packs of 6 randomly selected NaviStitch greetings cards for just £6 including delivery, instead of the usual price of £2.50 per card.

Newly added the Sea Salt SIT Pack of 10 cards for £10, Words and thoughts suited to these times of isolation.

Everyone loves to receive something in the post, especially when so many people are not leaving their homes and self-isolating. Just a little message of support through the door can mean so much to someone on their own to know somebody is thinking about them. Practice your letter writing skills and get the kids to write to the grandparents.


SIT and write a card!

Life still goes on, babies will still be born, people will still get engaged, your birthday will still come around, Fathers day is coming up. On all of these occasions people love to receive a card, especially when you cannot be there in person.

I am offering 2 options: 6 cards for £6 sent by Royal Mail to your home, or 6 cards for £10 including 6 second class stamps, so all you have to do is take a little stroll to your nearest post box to send them on their way. I can also send a pack directly to somebody else as a gift on your behalf.  

Trust me this, is not a money making exercise, I have never offered a price as low as this before, this is rock bottom pricing.  I will maintain this offer as long as Royal Mail are still operating. I just want encourage communication and do what I can to stop people feeling so isolated in the months ahead. I am grateful for all the support that my business receives and I hope to make it out the other side.

So, spread the word and ‘Stay-In-Touch’ with your friends and family.  Take care and stay safe!

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