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What's on and coming up...

Here's what's happening in our creative space, the Sail Loft, the NaviStitch shop, and on Manningtree High Street over the coming weeks...

In the Sail Loft...

Can you believe that we're heading into the last week of our 3-week Affordable Art Show?

The exhibition features a selection of work from some of our best loved artists - all under £100. We've got original art as well as prints and unframed work - something for every pocket!

Come and bag yourself a totally unique art bargain! And, don't forget we have our own bespoke framing service ... and now we can take orders every day - no appointment needed!

Take a look at our calendar to see the artists involved in our Affordable Art Exhibition, on until next Saturday, 29th June.

Next up....
Samples of Alison Adcock's work to advertiser her exhibition

We're working with our 28+ artists and 16 venues on this year's best 3-mile walk around Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley you can take!

Get "Art Around the Walls" in your diary for on 6th and 7th July, and follow our event-specific Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can learn all about the artists and venues taking part.

As well as hosting 5 of the artists in the art trail (including my own work), we're also displaying one piece of work from each of the artists involved and will be taking sealed bids on each one from 2nd to 7th July. So, if you can't make the trail weekend, you'll still have a chance to see a piece of every artist's work, and all proceeds will be going to Mistley charity, Acorn Village.

And then...

From 9th-13th July the Sail Loft Gallery is hosting two solo exhibitions:

  • We've got Neil Whitehead's solo exhibition of paintings and illustrations - a real treat, Neil's a newcomer to the Sail Loft Gallery and we're delighted to show his work from 9th-13th July.

  • In the second Sail Loft room on the same dates, I'm holding an exhibition of my own work - my watercolour and mixed media paintings featuring acrylic and ink work, some pieces with embroidery.

From 16th to 27th July we have the Colchester Art Society and their Print & 3D Works exhibition with a 'meet the artists' party on 20th July from 12noon-2pm.

We think you'll agree, this is an exciting mix of creativity and we hope you can make it along to as many as you can. Keep up with all of our exhibitions by bookmarking our calendar.

In the NaviStitch Shop...

We are stocking a new range of greeting cards from Glitter and Earth - as creator Jacqueline Wild explains:

Glitter: the sparkle of the spiritual 

Earth: to be grounded and mindful 

We've got so many different card ranges, as well as our own ranges, there really is something for every occasion and every taste!

In Manningtree...

Manningtree now has its own map! Available to pick up from most places in the town, the map features shops, places to eat, things to do and, as it says on the cover, it's "a guide to getting the best from our town"

And in true Manningtree style, the illustrations were by David Downes, the idea and concept came from Zoey of Bates Upholstery, both on our High Street, design was by local Gary Reeve Design, and I played a part in finalising the project and getting it to print ... team effort!

Pick one up when you're next in the area and you'll discover lots more about the smallest town in England with the biggest heart.

The new Manningtree map includes a QR code which links to a dedicated website. The new web page illustrates all the businesses that are on the map with clickable links. It also shows events happening in Manningtree. Finally, an opportunity to purchase Manningtree products online.

In other online news, we've added a new section to our own website for Manningtree products too - as well as NaviStitch coasters, alongside cards, magnets and unframed art, these can be easily posted for those of you unable to make it to our shop.

On the subject of the NaviStitch website, I've also added new mounted original pieces on my website: some nautical stitched art as well as some of my new, watercolour and mixed media pieces. Take a look.

Something shameless...

One last shameless plea from me if you've not been asked before: The Tendring4Growth business awards are open for nominations and I wondered whether I could ask for your support, if you feel that it's deserved! Categories that I believe I could qualify for would be 'Creativity & Culture' and possibly 'Community Impact' (but am happy if you feel that you'd prefer to nominate me for others!).

Some of the things that I'm involved in, which steer me towards these categories are:

* Creating and organising Art Around the Walls Event (Manningtree Art Trail)

* Coordinating Manningtree Events flyer

* Christmas Card Competition - raising funds for the Rotary Club to donate to local charities

* Hosting the Pride Auction - again, raising funds for local charities

* Co-ordinating the Manningtree town map and creating the town website behind it.

* Sail Loft Gallery - providing a supportive space for artists and makers to exhibit with me.

My email address is

Thanks so much in advance - here's where you can nominate (closing date is 30th June).

And finally...

As well as my own art, I also enjoy working on commissions. If you're making memories and would like to celebrate them, or you know someone who's celebrating and would like to mark the occasion, think about commissioning a piece of nautical stitched art.

Take a look at how easy it is to order your own unique piece created from maritime charts, both new and old - many of them fairly local. Always ask if you're looking for somewhere special - I've a huge collection.

Now that we can also take orders for bespoke framing in-store, the whole thing's as easy

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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