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Saying Hello, Waving Goodbye...

Can you believe that we're nearly at the end, and waving goodbye to our Summer Vibes exhibition?! We've had four weeks with the Sail Loft full of the best creative talent around, and we've loved every minute of it. Here's a quick round-up of the artists you can see if you visit us before Saturday, our final day - and don't forget, if you've visited already, our artists have been bringing new work to replace art that has sold so you're bound to see new pieces:

Don't despair...

If you can't get into to the NaviStitch shop in the next couple of days, we do have a guest wall that features artists who've exhibited with us. The wall changes regularly and so you'll get the chance to see works by some of the artists featured in our Summer Vibes exhibition each time you call in.

Saying hello...

We're delighted to welcome Eleana to the NaviStitch shop this week - she's on a weeks' work experience and is looking to study illustration. We're giving her an insight into the greetings card industry both from a design and retail perspective - we know you'll make her feel at home if you visit us this week.

What's next?

From one exhibition to something different in our Sail Loft this coming week. From Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th August we've got a collaboration of artists joining us and sharing their work: "Tendring Talent and he Ipswich Interloper" is the name of the exhibition and features the work of Kay Lucas, artist inspired by the local area and coastlines; Jen Cook, potter; Anne Plummer, artist specialising in the maritime; and Pamela Hatswell with her unusual knitwear and beading.

And then...

We're excited to welcome Amanda Clement-Robinson to the Sail Loft from 17th to 27th August. She'll be exhibiting her incredible art in our exhibition space, but she's also bringing 3 fantastic workshops for you to enjoy, both repeated each week so that there's plenty of opportunity for those that wish to learn something new. For all workshops, - email Amanda to book:

  • Explore the wonders of drawing, printing and painting onto silk, experimenting with different techniques and take away your finished piece to frame or make into a cushion on 17th and 26th August

  • On 18th and 24th August learn to print without a press! Using found and recyclable items to print with, no drawing skills needed. Create colourful, textured images and take home your work on both canvas and paper.

  • Using a traditional method of block printing, you'll create your own patterns and images and will proceed onto fabric by printing your own unique design onto a tote bag to take home!

Exhibit with us...

Unusually we have a few gaps in our Sail Loft calendar from September through to our Christmas pop-up that begins on 23rd November. The space consists of 2 rooms that can be hired separately or together, subject to availability.

  • If you're an artist or maker and would like to host your own, or a collaborative exhibition, our creative space is bright, airy and perfect for displays of paintings, pottery, mixed media, textile art or any art medium - we've even got lots of display materials such as crates, easels, card stands etc., that you can use.

  • If you're a tutor of some creative craft, our Sail Loft is perfect for workshops - tables can be configured in lots of different combinations, depending on what you're teaching. From printing to sewing, from collage to knitting, we'd love to offer our customers creative workshops.

  • If you're a maker or trader in something fabulous, our space can also be used to house a pop-up event. Shops can be used with or without tables and you're welcome to use our display materials and to bring your own too.

Take a look at all details here and get in touch if you'd like to explore ideas.

In other news...

We're happy that some of you are just plain rude! Have you read about our behind-the-counter 'Rude Box' that can only be seen by request? Well, we've just done a restock of some risqué (and some a bit sweary!) cards from Bold and Bright cards. Keeping them away from children and the faint hearted, they've got their own special box... ask for it if you dare!

We've also had another delivery from Windsock Press - these beautiful swimmer cards are particularly popular with our Manningtree Mermaids so we've had a restock and ordered a few more designs for good measure!

Here's a commission that I recently worked on, celebrating a wedding anniversary for a couple that got married on Gibraltar. If you've got a special birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement or just something memorable that you'd like to preserve - why not get in touch and we can chat about the specifics? Commissioning a bespoke piece of nautical stitched art is really as easy as 1, 2, 3:

And finally...

I wanted to share something that you can look forward to enjoying when you visit soon: we have some beautiful painted wooden boats in the shop, created by Norfolk Artist Emily Longhurst. The boats have printed sails of her artwork and they are on display in the fireplace downstairs. She has also submitted some rather special hand painted boats too and these are on display with the Summer Vibes exhibition if you get to visit before Saturday. I first saw Emily's work in a Gallery when visiting North Norfolk earlier in the year and loved them!

More next time...

But never miss out on any of the events held in our Sail Loft - take a look at our online calendar to see what's happening beyond July.

Until next time, I wish you calm waters and plain sailing


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